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Published : 09/29/2016 17:25:48
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Wholesale Policy

The Wholesale Purchase Policies for Korean Cosmetics by DIO

We, DIO Corporation offer you the wholesale for Korean Cosmetics. Please refer to the following information.

Mainly, you can refer to the price on our wholesale shopping mall (http://www.logonkorea.com)

Minimum Order Amount

1. We normally offer the discount for each brands. You can refer to the discount rate table on Discount Rate Sheet.

2. In order to get the wholesale discount, the Minimum Order Amount should be at least 500USD in total and I can give you 10% discount.

3. For the minimum order quantity, you can also order one piece per item.

4. On the price list, Box Unit means that there is a small In-box to pack the same items. It normally 10~12 pieces but not fixed.

5. The price will be set in Korean Won first and it will be converted into USD according to the daily exchange rate.

6. The shipping cost on the shopping mall was set to calculated automatically for retail customers.

The shipping cost for wholesale distributors with over 1000USD order will be recalcuated according to the order volume.

It will be more cheaper than the fixed shipping cost on the website.

Order Procedure

We have two options such as over 1000USD amount order or below 1000USD amount order.

★ Over 1000USD amount order. 

1)You can send me the order list file with excel sheet. You can refer to the price on the shopping mall.

2) After that, I will send you the Invoice with the Amount to be paid. I will include the estimated shipping charge.

3) The order will be processed after we receive the payment. For the payment, please refer to the below.

4) The Shipment will be ready in 3~4 working days after I receive the payment.

5) After I ship them out, I will calculate the amount to be shipping and the shipping cost and send you the “Order Management File” to show the balance.

The left amount will be refunded or will be used for your next order.


1. I can accept Paypal payment and Bank Transfer(T/T).

2. The Exchange Rate will be decided day by day when you complete the payment.

The Exchange rate will have a difference between the Bank Transfer and Paypal Payment.

3. All Banking Charge when you complete the payment will be on yours.

★ Below 1000USD amount order.

1) You can choose items which you want on the shopping mall (http://www.logonkorea.com)

2) The shipping cost will be automatically calculated.

3) You can pay it directly through the shopping mall with Paypal payment.

4) The shipment will be ready in 2~3 working days after I receive the payment.

5) If there is unavailable items, I will refund you for that.


1. Shipping method will be decided according to your request. It can be shipped with EMS service, International Registerd Mail Service or Forwarding Service.

You should pay the Shipping Charge. The shipping Charge will be calculated according to the total weight of your order.

※ Notice

1. I can offer all Korean brands cosmetics. If you could not find the items on the shopping mall, you can ask me the price by message or email.

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail (zinopark@gmail.com).

Kakao Talk: zinopark

LINE: zinopark

ps: More korea cosmetics stroy information -> http://zinopark.blogspot.kr/

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